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Always wanted a safe and reliable provider for your cloud project? We got you fully covered. Quickly deploy virtual machines in the cloud that offer speed, reliability, and scalability.

Get your cloud mission started

Deploy your virtual machine with ease

Get your cloud project rolling with our virtual machines. Benefit from instant deployment, scalability, no commitment, and our IP Address Market.

Instant Deployment

After the specifications of the virtual machine are selected and then ordered, the virtual machine is automatically deployed in the prefered location.


Your cloud project is getting more significant than expected. That is no issue with us; you can upgrade to a larger plan with a few clicks.

No commitment

Get some peace in mind, and say goodbye to long-term contracts for your cloud mission. We got you fully covered, cancel at any time without any hassle.

IP Address Market

Your cloud project will benefit from our unique IP Address Market. Search your IPv4 & IPv6 and directly assign them to your virtual machine.

Features that you will definitely like

With this premium component library you will start building modern user interfaces faster and more consistent than ever before.

  • Easily create and recover backups of your virtual machine
  • Advanced statistics for a better overview
  • Execute pre-made scripts such as LAMP, LEMP, or OpenVPN.
  • Access your server over VNC Viewer

Deploy within multiple datacenters

Offer stability by making your applications redundant or be closer located to your customers for lower latency. We are located in every continent of the world.

The Hague

The Netherlands


The Netherlands


The United States

New York

The United States

Los Angeles

The United States


The United States

Operating systems

Build on software where you can count on

We offer a wide range of operating systems with every virtual machine. It is possible to use your ISO image for the virtual machine on request.


Available versions:
18.04 - 20.04 - 22.04


Available versions:
7 - 9


Available version:


Available versions:
10 - 11

Windows Server

Available versions:
2016 - 2019 - 2022

Astra Linux

Available version:


Available versions:
12 - 13

Oracle Linux

Available version:

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get for Virtual Machines.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly team 😃

After your order has been successfully paid, the virtual machine is automatically delivered instantly. After that is completed, the chosen operating system is installed.

It is. You can visit our IP Address Market within the Portal and order additional IP addresses for your virtual machine. After the order has been processed, you can assign the IP addresses to your virtual machine from within the IP Address Manager.

We are currently operating from within 6 datacenters across two continents. You can visit this page for more information regarding the datacenter locations.

There is no commitment required for our virtual machines. You can cancel your service at any time with no strings attached.

Are you not satisfied with our services? We would like to know what went wrong and if a proper solution won't help, we will offer you a refund!