Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated on August 15, 2023

Integration of Acceptable Use Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clear and comprehensive guidelines for the use of PeaceWeb services, we have streamlined our policies. We would like to inform our valued customers that the previous Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has been dissolved. Instead, all expectations, rules, and regulations that were once delineated in the AUP have been meticulously incorporated into Article 7 of our Terms of Service. This shift ensures that the terms governing the use of our services are consolidated in a single, easily accessible document.

We believe that this transition will promote clarity and ease of reference for our customers, enabling a better understanding of the standards we uphold. It is imperative for all users of PeaceWeb's services to familiarize themselves with the updated Terms of Service, especially the provisions found in Article 7, which comprehensively outline the conduct expected from our customers while using our services.

Please rest assured that our commitment to maintaining a secure, reliable, and responsible environment for all users remains unwavering. We thank you for your continued trust and cooperation as we work together to ensure a positive experience for everyone in the PeaceWeb and internet community.