Unleash your cloud potential

Our cloud hosting solutions make it easy to host anything in the cloud, from simple websites to complex applications and databases. Our infrastructure is designed for reliability and scalability, ensuring your hosting needs are met as your business grows.

High Availability

Our cloud hosting solutions ensure your website or app is always online for your customers.

Global Reach

Our data centers worldwide provide fast access to your data regardless of your users' location.

Easy Scalability

Our solutions quickly scale up or down to adapt to your changing business needs.

Expert Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to keep your business running smoothly.

Cloud Compute

Quickly deploy instances via PeaceWeb Portal, select the required specifications and location, and get started immediately.

  • Customize vCPU Cores, Memory, and Storage to your desire.
  • Instantly deploy your virtual machine.
  • Deploy instances in 8 datacenter locations worldwide.
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Bare Metal Cloud

Quickly scroll through our live inventory of bare metal servers that are re-stocked daily. Deploy instantly without hassle.

  • We offer a live inventory of available bare metal servers.
  • Instantly deploy your bare metal server.
  • Deploy your server in The Hague (NL).
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IP Address Market

Search our IP Addresses Market and instantly connect IP Addresses with Cloud Compute or Bare Metal Cloud.

  • We offer a large inventory of IP Addresses.
  • Live inventory to search your IP Addresses.
  • Use our IP addresses immediately.
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Maximize Stability

PeaceWeb's global infrastructure provides fault tolerance and low latency for your applications. With data centers on every continent, we ensure redundancy and stability, keeping your applications online and accessible.

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